About this site

At present this web site is the work of a single person, Thomas H. Atkinson. It is mainly a labor of love. In the future I would like to explore ways to incorporate more direct participation from other interested parties, while maintaining standards for accuracy and usefulness. Suggestions on new features to add (especially if acccompanied by offers of assistance) are always welcome. While less appreciated please report errors and omissions to me as well.

Errors, requests, comments

Contact information (email): thatkinson dot austin at gmail dot com

Technical Considerations

Browsers. I do most site development work in FireFox. Periodically I check the site out in current versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. Many features of the site definitely do not work in Internet Explorer 6. If you are still stuck there, you need to find a way to move on. At present this site does not use popups or place cookies on your machine.

JavaScript must be enabled for some features of the web site to work properly (expanding and contracting hierarchies, Google Maps, and digital references). This can be controlled by settings in your browser.


Sponsors. This web site is not formally associated with any institution and I am solely responsible for its contents. However I have received significant support from the U.S. Forest Service (Early Detetection Rapid Response program) and the Texas Natural Science Center.